Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Week Back Wasn't Too Bad

As mentioned in a previous post, I started back to my workout and have progressed through may cardiovascular work in 10% increments on the stair master (level 12, rotating programs, increasing from 20-22-25 minutes) and 10% on my 20 minute runs. I should be back to my normal levels in 2 weeks for the stair master and probably back to my 8:30 mile in 5-6 weeks. I will be keeping the same workout this week, composed of a variety of compound moves 3 days per week but upping the resistance by 10%. I am maintaining the long walk/runs in the morning and the yoga sessions in the afternoons as well as my body weight exercises and core exercises 2 days a week. My weight has stabilized closer to 112 lbs. and my thoughts were that eating less and not "working out" on my vacation probably led to some muscle loss. So, I am thinking of changing my diet up a bit (more emphasis on protein) and pushing my workouts to 4/week (2 upper/2 lower) based on a workout on Men's Health Magazine and losing some fat and gaining some lean muscle. I will be previewing this in my weekly audio cast at the end of the week.

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