Monday, September 21, 2009

I Have Returned!

As usual, getting back from a long trip is difficult. My strategy is to slowly work back into my workout; eating hasn't been an issue. I actually lost 3 lbs. primarily because it is hard to eat ice cream when camping. The rest of eating was close to normal, except for this one small item. So, ice cream needs to have a place similar to what it had while camping -- rarely. I also made an attempt to monitor my chip intake at lunch (both reduced fat or tortilla) and limited my chips at dinner to the amount of one serving (usually 10-14 chips). This seems to be the ticket for me losing weight. The hiking wasn't as good as I anticipated so I really only got about half of the exercise I planned so getting back into resistance training and cardio intervals will take longer than I anticipated. So, for this week back to the gym I will start with 20 minute cardio sessions at a slightly lower intensity and increase 10% each week until I get back to 30+ minutes. With weights, I am going with combo moves at lower weights and reps and increasing 10% each week. Yoga sessions 5x/week and stretching daily. The run/walks of 60 minutes have become just walking. We will see how quickly I can return to my regular routine and keep my weight down.

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