Saturday, September 19, 2009

What If It Rains?

I usually have a plan B on vacation, especially if weather is a factor. On an active vacation, unlike a leisure or cultural vacation, the weather is extremely important so having some flexibility is a must. On this trip, there was a possibility of rain or snow at my destination, so I mapped a southern option that would bring me through desert versus mountains but wouldn't take me too far away so that if the weather cleared I could be back to my original destination within a day. I learned this lesson, unfortunately, on a tour--the weather was rainy in the north/inland in Costa Rica but great on the west coast but because the itinerary didn't allow for changes we were stuck with the poor weather--even though great weather was a half-day drive away. Always have an alternative at your destination as well for the occasional rainy day (museums, exhibits, indoor events).

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